tales + believers + premonitions

they pass down their short
bits of wisdom, hard-earned through
learning and doing.
these tales act as lessons, hide
harsh truth in pretty cloaking.


they are believers.
what they know is true; if they
don't know it, then it
mustn't be true. and if they
don't know it, they never will.


they have, sometimes, odd
little premonitions. it
would spook them, but they
have their stories. they keep their
stories straight, written in stone.

weather + life + opaque

the weather has turned
nasty, driving rain sheeting
down over city
streets. below my boots, puddles
form, little rivers running.


it becomes habit
to prepare coffee or tea
in a travel flask,
still hot and ready to drink
no matter the conditions.


life is paused as rain
opaque in its heaviness
whips at the window.
later, the clouds clear and the
sun gleams harsh on glossy glass.