Monday Book Review: The Sugar Hit

Do mine eyes deceive me? Did I get organized to write a book review? Why yes, I did. I suppose I was in the spirit. Finally found something that I wanted to review.

So. The Sugar Hit. Second in the series, but it's the most recent I read - though the first one has stuck with me which is unusual.

My summary. Chocoholic opens her chocolate-store, murder ensues.

Plot. Moves quickly. Since this is the second book in the series I felt the author was still finding her groove a little. Narel, our chocoholic protagonist, finally manages to open the chocolate shop she was wanting to open in Book 1, but things happened. Also, I had a bit of an issue with The Reveal. It all happened rather quickly at the end of the book - I was honestly starting to get a bit nervous. When I read eBooks, I keep an eye on the little progress bar and it seemed really close to the end. The Reveal felt a bit more like "Wham, bam, Joe* did it, thank you ma'am."

The murderer. Kind of a random person who doesn't spend a lot of time on-screen. Not someone I was expecting, which is good, but this is the sort of series which requires red herrings - not really a case of the "this one person who did that thing that one time". Puts in a cameo to reveal the Dastardly Plot and is subsequently dealt with.

Characters. Narel appears to eat chocolate all the damn time. Not sure if she eats anything else - though there was mention of a fruit at one point. As of this book it's even spread to something called chocolate pasta which I am terrified to Google. I spent a portion of this book just wanting to make her a sandwich and salad, and I don't even like salad. She does have a cool best friend who refreshingly is not the Love Interest and she doesn't appear to be pining after him.

Cover and Title. Cute. Title's obviously a pun, cover is a bit too... something for my taste. Bearing in mind the affinity for chocolate I'd expected it to feature more obviously on the cover.

Overall, 3.4 stars. The villain at the end Gets It in the same way as the villain in the preceding book. I hope that Book 3 will have something different - otherwise it risks becoming predictable, and truth be told once I saw the confrontation I began wondering how it would be manipulated to mimic book 1. I do wish I could give a portion of a star on Goodreads, it would make ranking so much easier.

Food comparison. White-bread sandwich, but a homemade white bread. It has deli meat and like one salad thing on it. Character development in subsequent (Narel eating less damn chocolate, for instance) and a different method of dealing with the villain would elevate it to wholegrain bread.

*not Joe.